Phoenician Grand Ballroom South Foyer
Meetings Meant to Inspire

Meeting Space Renovations 2023

Introducing a re-imagined collection of distinctive meeting and event space in fall 2023.

Curating the hand-crafted experience through service and design with a modern take on the Sonoran Desert, The Phoenician introduces Phase One of the re-imagined collection of distinctive function space for fall 2023.

Celebrating Sonoran culture and history through the use of authentic color palettes, original materials, patterns
and textures, its inspiration is found in the native peoples of the Southwest, as well as the region’s flora, fauna,
wildlife and topography. New, contemporary and indigenous aesthetics bring harmony to the area, complementing
the transformative nature of the iconic resort. Enveloped by the warm, abundant, natural light of its surroundings,
The Phoenician’s meeting and event offerings capture the essence of luxurious desert sophistication.


• Start Date: July 3, 2023

• Designer: Parker Torres Design

• Completion Date: September 3, 2023

• Previous Renovation: Summer 2011

AREAS: The Camelback Ballroom & Foyer, The Phoenician Grand Ballroom South & East Foyers, The Phoenician Grand Ballroom Atrium, and lower-level breakout rooms and hallways.

SCOPE OF WORK: Carpeting, tiling, wall treatments, draperies, chandeliers, LED lighting, air walls (Phoenician Grand Ballroom), furnishings, signage, electrical; re-purposing of Phoenician Grand Atrium as communal work lounge.

AUDIO-VISUAL: Dante network system with audio-visual streaming capabilities between all meeting spaces; Art-Net lighting, enhanced to DMX in Camelback Ballroom for greater lighting controls and flexibility; digital meeting room reader boards with custom branding opportunities.

FUN FACTS: The chandeliers are Preciosa chandeliers with a design by Parker Torres. The Camelback chandelier is made from 194 hanging glass parts – capturing the rhythms of the diverse bird population. Each glass part has 2-3 hang points. The Grand Phoenician Prefunction chandeliers are each made from 128 hanging glass branches. Each branch has 3 hang points.



• Start Date: June 2024

• Completion Date: September 2024

AREAS: The Phoenician Grand Ballroom, The Estrella Ballroom, and upper-level breakout rooms and hallways

SCOPE OF WORK: Continuation of Phase One projects in Phoenician Grand and Estrella Ballrooms and upper-level meeting rooms; carpeting, wall treatments, draperies, chandelier in the Grand Ballroom, LED lighting, furnishings, Art-Net lighting, enhanced to DMX for greater lighting controls and flexibility.

The Phoenician Grand Ballroom Rendering:

a large room with a chandelier

The Phoenician Estrella Ballroom Rendering:

a large room with a stage and a projector screen