Meet at Mowry Dinner Series with DAOU Vineyards

As part of a seasonal series, Mowry & Cotton at The Phoenician will host their “Meet at Mowry” dinner series. This month’s dinner is paired with acclaimed DAOU Vineyards, offering a delectable combination of culinary delights and prestigious wines.

Guests are invited to reserve their seats for a culinary experience on September 29, 2023, that is sure to satisfy. Attendees will enjoy a four-course menu, curated by Mowry & Cotton’s Chef Danielle Realmonte, each perfectly paired with a wine from DAOU Vineyards. The reception starts with passed hors d’oeuvres and the 2021 DAOU Rose, setting the tone for the culinary journey.


The first course features a compressed plum with burnt honey, candied serrano, and pistachio, served with the 2021 DAOU Reserve Chardonnay. A 2020 DAOU Sequentis Merlot accompanies the second course, a seared duck with tellicherry pepper, and molasses charred fig.


The third course is a grilled tomahawk with smoked squash, red currant jam, charred beet tops, and pickled pepita, paired with the 2020 DAOU Soul of A Lion. And for dessert, guests will indulge in a pear caramel cake, enjoyed with the 2021 DAOU Pessimist Red Blend.


Throughout the evening, guests will have the opportunity to learn about the background and history of DAOU Vineyards and what makes them exceptional. It is no mistake that they were recently awarded “Number One Tasting Room in America by USA Today.” The stunning views of Mowry & Cotton will provide the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable dining experience.


The four-course dinner is priced at $140.00 per person before tax and gratuity. This is a 21+ event with limited seating available.


Personalized etching is available for pre-orders on DOAU’s commemorative 10th Anniversary Soul of a Lion wine bottles. Please contact Taylor Chandler at or 602.697.8829 to reserve this special remembrance.