Making Sustainability
Second Nature

With our natural world affected by substantive global change, we have an even greater obligation to operate responsibly. While integrating sustainability efforts across our resort, we are working to reduce our environmental impact, operating and sourcing responsibly.

The Phoenician strives to deliver exceptional and indigenous service to all our guests and clients while maintaining responsible sustainability practices. Our installation of 568-kilowatt(kW) solar energy panels with NRG® are just one of the steps recently taken to increase our efforts to generate clean, reliable power for the resort. They are located above exterior parking structures two and three as well as our golf course pavilion. Together the panels span approximately three acres.

The PV solar technology installed on the property is quiet, requires no fuel and needs minimal water. It generates enough emission-free energy to power the equivalent of 90 homes. Over its three-month construction period, The Phoenician created approximately 30 jobs.

Other green initiatives that are practiced at the resort include:

Public Areas

  • Optional Linen Replacement (MAGC)
  • Set Theromostats to pre-determined Temp.
  • CFL and Halogen Lighting (guestrooms)
  • LED Lighting (guestroom hallways)
  • Local Sustainable Menu for Banquets and Outlets
  • Comprehensive Room Maintenance
  • Efficient, Longer Lasting Air Filters
  • Lanai Door Sensors (guestroom doors)
  • Automatic Irrigation Control System
  • Fluorescent Garage Lighting
  • Heat Saver Pool Program

Operational Areas

  • Fluorescent Lighting and Occupancy Sensors
  • Kitchen Equipment Efficiency Program
  • Cooking Oils Recycled for Disposal
  • Efficient Chiller and Boilers
  • Purified Drinking Coolers
  • Central Plant Optimization Programs
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products
  • Recycled Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic
  • Office Etiquette Program… Turn off lights etc.
  • Recycling Aluminum, Plastic and other in co-mingler
  • Low flow Aerators on Sinks and Spigots
  • High Pressure/Low Volume Sprayers in Dish-Rooms
  • Community Refrigerators
  • Outsource of Laundry to Local Vendor

SRP’s 2016 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award winner

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