Recent trends in weddings have run the gamut from cash bars to buffets.  However, one unique trend this year (actually from last year into this year & beyond) is the Destination Wedding.

Many couples are opting to have their weddings at various destinations all over the country; all over the world.  This desire is driven by several factors, among them, not wanting to create large guest lists, thus reducing costs.  Keeping guests off the list that are not, how shall we say, family friendly.  Mostly couples are wanting to create an intimacy with relatives and very close friends, that feel like family.

While this approach may shake the foundations of those in our industry who seek the large weddings to procure, the upside is that those who understand the nuances and dynamics of family, that can speak to the creating of intimate moments to share before, during and after the ceremony, are the ones who will tap into the growing aspirations of couples to “connect”.

Here at the Phoenician we suggest our Tea Court, Golf Course and Relish, and Grape n Grain as options for couples, their family and bridal party to enjoy days prior to the event so that everyone truly enjoys the experience and keeps that connection.

Life is a collection of experiences and whether it’s here or somewhere else, we want every couple to look back at their day and think, “I can’t imagine having done this anywhere else!”

This spring the trends of classic and artistic are definitely in style.   With the popularity of The Great Gatsby last year, many designers and trends are running the spectrum of chic & traditional to sexy & modern.  A great sense of modernity threads throughout the fashion world this season from Vera Wang to Carolina Herrera.   Most especial, Vintage and Rustic, which are perfect here in the Southwest, especially, as these are rather somewhat indigenous to our valley.  Pops of color, hints of sparkle and almost certain is the dramatic look of high drape with dangling jewels and reflective lighting.   If you want to make a splash or statement to your guests, anything above 8’-10’ will certainly do the trick!

Until next time – Cheers!

Gregory Wirth, Catering Manager
The Phoenician


*Photo by Hollye Schumacher Photography