While every culture around the world has had its own myths and legends about the Sun, its life-sustaining power over Earth is universally understood, and the dangers of its ultraviolet rays are very real.  While up to 20 minutes of daily Sun exposure is recommended to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D, overexposure can be hazardous to the overall well-being of our delicate skin and eyes.  As May is both National UV Safety month, and National Healthy Vision month, we would like to help you protect your eyes and skin with a few tips, while keeping you stylish in the Sun:

Tip 1: Head-To-Toe Sunscreen.  Worn alone or under makeup, sunscreen with at least SPF 30 is a must to reduce the risk of melanoma as well as maintain exposed skin’s cellular structure and prevent premature signs of aging.  We love Image Protection+ Hydrating moisturizer.  It’s not only a high-intensity sunscreen, but it hydrates the skin with botanical SPF boosters and antioxidants while leaving it smelling fresh.

Tip 2:  Keep It Under your Hat.  Whether you’re on the golf course practicing your swing, or relaxing with a poolside novel, a brimmed hat serves as portable shade. It’s the perfect barrier between your head and the Sun’s harmful rays while you enjoy your favorite outdoor Spring activities.

Tip 3:  Wear Sunglasses.  Studies have shown that exposure to even a small amount of UV radiation over a period of many years increases the chance of development of cataracts and damage to the macula and retina. Sunglasses with a UVA protection factor of at least 95 like these will protect your peepers while adding instant glamour to your wardrobe.  Sunglasses also reduce the urge to squint in bright light, and when paired with Pevonia’s fabulous Eye Gel, can keep pesky crow’s feet off of your face.