5 Things to Consider When Researching a Wedding Venue:
While trying to find that perfect venue for your wedding ceremony, reception and dinner, answers to the following five key questions will certainly provide clarity when it comes to budgeting for your special day!

What are the ancillary charges?
Often couples focus on the menu price and don’t realize the ancillary charges that may be involved, such as bar set-up, valet, and whether or not there is a fee associated with using an outside vendor for such items as linens, florals and cake-cutting.

What is included in the venue fee?
Ask for details outlining exactly what you’re receiving.  This will help you compare apples to apples when considering which venue to choose.  Be sure such inclusions are also outlined in your contract.

Are taxes and service fee included?
Very often, this is a detail that is overlooked, yet definitely requires attention.  Make sure you know if something is ++ (plus tax and plus gratuity), as well as what those rates are.  With Arizona tax at 9.3% and service fees between 22% – 24%, you’ll want to add that to your budget.

Which bar option is less expensive? 
Know the difference between “On-Consumption” and “Bar Package.”  Unless your guests will tend to indulge more, you may consider on-consumption (cost based on amount/type of beverages consumed) to save dollars.  Often, bar packages (set cost incurred by the host) can run high in attempting to cover everyone.  For the diet soda or water drinker, you’re money isn’t spent wisely.

What times of the year would discounts apply?
The popular wedding months are March and October.  However, if you’re willing to consider a date in the summer, near a holiday or early January, you may find menu pricing and site fees reduced quite a bit.

Phoenician Tip:  Pad your budget by 10%; you’ll thank us later. During the last two weeks prior to your event, there may be a number of things arise that you’ll need to address – and you don’t want to have to worry about finances. Knowing you’ve accounted for the unexpected will give you peace of mind, especially on your wedding day!